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Biography, Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Listed as one of Canada’s most influential women in social media, I’m a well known artist, communicator and trend observer in the development of the ever expanding medium that is the internet.

Active blogger and podcaster, I’m an interactive expert sought after for my visionary and artistic point of view, sharing my vision of how technology can be used to trigger creativity and innovation in communities.

Passionate, I strongly believe that helping people communicate with each other online is more important than trying to sell them something. My goal as an artist and entrepreneur is to promote the web as a tool for communication, creativity and discovery, and to contribute to the development and evolution of the internet by creating tools that will be used creatively and intelligently, while exploring all the possibilities offered by this medium.

As a traveler who connects with people worldwide, I have done work for clients such as the National Film Board of Canada, Radio-Canada, Le Cirque du Soleil and Ubisoft. My work has been featured by Spin Magazine, The Gazette, La Presse, The National Post, Elle, and many more.

Inspired by the Quantified Self Movement, my latest project is a web platform that support people in getting clearer about their potential, offering tools that trigger clarity and initiatives, letting them observe the impact of their decisions by tracking the synchronicities and coincidences that appears in their lives.

I have lived and worked in Montreal, Paris, Marseille and Hamburg. Sharing my life between North America and Europe, I’m open to collaboration and work opportunities worldwide.

Contact me. Networks: OpenBC et LinkedIn.

Biographie, Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Listée parmi les femmes les plus influentes en médias sociaux au Canada, je suis une artiste, conceptrice et communicatrice recherchée pour mon esprit visionnaire, mon flair, ainsi que mes connaissances étendues du web. Passionnée par le web, ses outils et ses communautés, mon travail est de promouvoir ce dernier comme étant un outil de communication, de création et de découverte.

Observatrice des tendances qui émergent sur internet, mes initiatives m’ont valu au cours des dernières années plusieurs reconnaissances médiatiques (Spin Magazine, Elle Canada, The Gazette, La Presse, Voir, Radio-Canada, et plusieurs autres). Blogueure et podcaster reconnue, j’apparais régulièrement en tant qu’experte invitée lors d’événements touchants le web et ses outils (ADISQ, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Mutek, Webcom, Le Point, CBC).

Spécialisée dans la création de produits et concepts novateurs utilisant les technologies émergentes, mon entreprise Meïdia Studio compte parmi ses clients l’Office National du Film du Canada, les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, Bandeapart.fm,

Inspiré du Quantified Self Movement, mon plus récent projet, Imagine, est une plateforme qui accompagnera ses utilisateurs dans le déploiement de leurs rêves et projets. Fournissant des outils pour clarifier leur vision et stimuler la prise d’initiatives, Imagine permet d’observer l’impact de nos décisions, mesurant les liens qui relient nos initiatives aux coïncidences qui se présentent au quotidien, démontrant que la clarté d’intention, combinée à des initiatives ciblées, peut transformer notre parcours, changer notre vie, voir, changer le monde.

Exploratrice du monde, j’ai au cours des dernières années habité Montréal, Paris, Marseille et Hambourg.

Contact. Réseaux : OpenBC et LinkedIn.

About me

windowExploring, observing, creating and inspiring people seems to be what i am here for. I have a background in fine arts and graphic design, years of experience in web art direction, and some years of experience as a business owner and interactive expert. Add to this, years of sharing of my life through this blog, this means years of observation and  introspective writing.

After many life experiences of doing, trying and exploring, i am into building my dream life, a life where i’ll be a full time artist, creating web projects, writing stuff, drawing stuff – a colorful and powerful mix of what i most love: using technologies to inspire people, writing and drawing,  while exploring the most beautiful places on this planet, and meet the most creative people.

I’ve been curious of challenging all kinds of rules since i’m a kid, reading about spiritual matters since i know how to read. At that time, i believed there was much i could sense but not see, and i can still remember the day where i learned about the small percentage of our brain which we are using – learning that, it was clear to me that our so called “Awaken” state was one of a sleeping person, and from that moment on, i tried to learn how i could wake up to experience my full power, the one i sensed was always there, waiting for me to uncover.

I read alot of books labeled Self help, growth, innovation and inspiration – the ones which are often overlooked or made fun of (hm, that’s also how i feel, but’s that’s another story). Many of these books are great tools to look into to find support to expand our potential – this only if we read and act, not just read, and read.

Also, i believe in all kinds of things: simultaneous realities, the power we have to create our realities, the power of our imagination.

My favorite readings have always been books proposing answers to uncommon questions, questions every elementary school teacher dreads to answer: about metaphysics, spirituality, reincarnation, and some of the beings we call aliens.

One thing you must know, is that 1 – i tend to get bored really easily, 2 – i’m vegetarian and eat only gluten-free food – no flour (why? because as you’ll one day discover, most of processed foods out there are junk for your body – but this is up to you to find out by your own means, or ignore this information).

At last, in case we meet, i can be seen as a really shy, low tempered person, but i am not (not always i mean). I do speak french and english but can never decide which language i should write in. I lived in Germany for 4 years but i dont speak german so well, or not at all. I am from Montréal – yes, this is up north and particularly cold in winter – but do not currently live there, as we, my partner and our 3 cats, are traveling in Europe.

Would love to meet you!

This blog is alive and kicking since 2002: 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008.


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Voir - Press

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Spin Magazine - Press

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The Gazette - Press

Elle Canada

Elle Canada Music section - Pod stars

Ish Magazine (Asia)

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Journal Metro

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Journal Le Soleil

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Le Point, Radio-Canada

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Entrevue chez Yulbuzz

(06.2007, french)

Esprit Libre, Canal Vox

Reportage télé

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IETM Montréal
Le Web de demain : un espace de communication, un outil de création

Rencontre avec Biz Stone, SXSW 2006

Rencontre avec Biz Stone, Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Mention de mon travail par Biz Stone

m-c turgeon, Biz Stone

Journal Les Affaires

Journal Les Affaires


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The National Post

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La presse

La Presse

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The Gazette

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Le Devoir, Josée Blanchette

“Téléchargé: des podcasts du blogue «Vu d’ici» (insideandoutside.me) sur mon iPod nano. 64 podcasts musicaux à votre disposition concoctés par cette artiste montréalaise très branchée musicalement. M.-C. revenait du FIMAV (de Victo) cette semaine et nous raconte tout en plus de nous le faire entendre. Les dons sont acceptés, mais en attendant, c’est la passion partagée gratuitement. Découvert: Antony and the Johnsons (I Am A Bird Now). Une voix androgyne à la Klaus Nomi (découverte par David Bowie), des textes poignants; on peut écouter son dernier disque sur le site www.antonyandthejohnsons.com. De l’authentique musique adulescente. “

Interview at CBC Sounds like Canada

Audio, click here to listen (available as mp3 format)

Lien Multimédia

Lien Multimédia

Co-auteure de Pourquoi Bloguer
Co-authoring of Why Blogging

Macadam Tribu

Macadam Tribu

La Presse

La Presse

Journal ICI

Creacamp dans le ICI


Public Speaking and media appearances


  • Co-author of “Pourquoi bloguer dans un contexte d’affaires” (Blogging for businesses), Quentin Editor
  • Mention in “Web Social: Mutation de la Communication”, Florence Millerand, University of Quebec Press
  • Mention in “The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet”, Daniel J. Solove, Caravan Books
  • Mention in “1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations”, Dawn D. Sokol, Quarry Editor
  • Self published First Thoughts on life, blogging, and the creative process (2007)

Work experience

Founder and co-president, Meidia Studio. 2005 – present

I founded Meidia Studio in 2005, curious to try to have a business of my own, a place to create and innovate with like minded clients, pushing the boundaries of the web using emerging technologies. Leader in the social media industry in Quebec, Meidia has over the last 10 years worked with clients such as the National Film Board of Canada, Radio-Canada, Le Cirque du Soleil and Ubisoft, taking up projects through all steps, from concept to implementation and maintenance.

Prior to that, I found myself working for different startups, first in Montreal, then in Germany where I moved early 2000. It was then really easy for me to find work, and I think I was hired for my exceptional curiosity, passion and competences.

  • Neomedia Montreal, 2003 – 2006. Clients: Hydro-Quebec, Bibliotheque Nationale
  • Deepblue Networks 2000 – 2003, Hamburg, Germany. Clients: Universal Records, Edel Records
  • Public Technologies Multimedia 1997 – 2000. Montreal, Canada. Clients: Land’s End, My Virtual Model


Founder, Imagine (Startup). November 2012 – present
Inspired by the Quantified Self Movement, Imagine is a web platform that support people in getting clearer about who they are, and what are the projects they want to create. With tools that trigger clarity and initiatives, Imagine gives users the possibility to observe on a daily basis the impact of their decisions by tracking the synchronicities and coincidences that appears following their actions, showing them the way to go. The project is in beta stage and open on invitation only.

Creacamp (DIY and creativity event). 2007 – present
Creacamp is an biannual event held in Montreal where women gather to share about their work and DIY projects with the goal to promote the talent, ideas and experiences of each, and to lay ground for sharing about their processes. The project has attracted local media coverage from Radio-Canada, La Presse, Elle Quebec, and Journal Ici.

Blog and podcast. January 2000 – present
A bilingual blog & podcast about life, arts, technology and pop culture. It’s also a sketchbook, a personal collage of pictures, ideas and observations – an audio and video magazine growing online through my travels and projects. The podcast has attracted local and international media coverage from Radio-Canada, Spin Magazine, Elle, The National Post, Metro, La Presse and many more.

I was asked to blog events such as the Pop Montreal Festival, Nujazz Festival, Les Blogs (Paris, 2005, 2006), Cirque du Soleil (Delirium), Berlin Transmediale, SXSW Festival, Elektra Festival, Fimav Festival, and Mutek. I was also asked by Zundfunk Radio in Germany, to produce a one hour podcast along with podcaster Julien Smith.

6×6 Collaborative collages (2006 – )
Using the power of an international online community, 6×6 brings people together to exchange material and create 6×6 inch collages using each other’s material. The results are for everyone rich in colors, textures, process and experiences!

Guerilla Inspiration Postcards
A project inspired by the need to wake people up using guerilla street art, each of the postcards hold uplifting slogans to challenge and infuse a whole neighborhood. They can be used as guerilla art messages to be pinned on boards, left on car windows, in public spaces, sent by post, used as reminder, given framed as gifts, and so on. Sets of cards can be seen/bought on my shop.

Event blogging and podcasting

Published illustration & photography

Since 2005, I did various work for European and North American clients such as Le Theatre Antoine Vitez (France), Les Editions SED (France), The Vitoria Jazz Festival (Italy), The Huffingtonpost (US), Born Magazine, and Skirt! magazine (US). Also, my artwork was featured in many publications and blogs: Ish Magazine, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, Cr@ate Online, Taxi Magazine, Goodie Bag Media, and the Fox River paper Agenda. My agent is based in Paris (Agence Marie et Nous).


      • Atelier Thandenstrasse, Hamburg, Germany