New cats on the block

New cats on the block #cats #wejustcrossedtheoceanandarejetlagged #wemadeit #life

I am so amazed about how our trip to cross the ocean went well. I was not a human anymore, but a piece of flesh on survival mode, consumed by stress, preparing myself to face the worst, as i usually do in critical times such as transitions.

We left our house in the south of France on tuesday morning (i wont tell you just how anxious i was about having to end this chapter of my life, you’d think i’m a walking neurosis), flew our 3 little fur nuggets in Air Transat’s soutes, watched movies for 8 hours trying to forget that my cats where probably living the most horrible time of their life while i was eating pringles and watching Gravity, and here we are now, fast forward in beautiful Montreal at its best time of the year.

The cats seem to have almost enjoyed their trip, as if they were prepared: they ended up less stressed then me. They are tired and jetlagged (by this i mean, they wake me up at 1 a.m. to get their croquettes) and cant go in the garden for now, since we have learned that we should wait a week or 2, so that they can really establish our apartment as home base until we progressively let them out just before food time (using food as a trigger to get them back in… thanks internet!).

Considering the complete darkness we were in just 6 days ago, overwhelmed by wrapping up everything — tetris style, as i like it — for the move abroad and almost loosing our 14 years old Vavavou (chill’n on the pillow as i write this) after his obligatory pre-flight rabbies vaccination last friday, i would say this is just another of life’s miracle that we are all 5 here now, enjoying our new life today.

It is SO good to be home. Thanks dear Universe.

And now, i say cheers to that, and I’m leaving you for a power nap since i’m completely, totally, exhausted.

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