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My new frames will be made in Italy, with love!

When in London last august, i stopped by McClintock‘s to try some frames, one of them being the Nerone by Res/Rei, which i haven’t heard of before. At first i did not think the frames fitted me well, but i took a picture of myself to check later on.

Days went by, i forgot about my shopping, until i found the picture i took of myself wearing the Nerone frames – Whew! i thought – these were great! I did a little research to get to know Res/Rei, their process, and felt in love with the brand.

So, here’s to a happy ending, i’ll get my frames this week. Thanks to McClintock to showcase such great designers… I feel a little sorry to have bought the frames from a stockist in France, but i could not wait for my next trip to London!

Author: m-c

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  1. Glad you liked and I’m happy you went ahead with them even if it was not from me. Great guys and great frames. Enjoy wearing them!

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