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Flowers still showing up in our garden. something i pretty much enjoy.

Fall finally reached my part of the world.

There is less sunshine, more rain, meaning, more time spent inside. Time to digg into projects, art, crochet, forest hiking, read by the fire, make plans for the end of the year, and connect online with the fabulous women of the autumn session of Soul Lodge.

Things i am into at this season of my life:

– reading colette (her books have occupied lots of my hamac time this summer 😉
– giving and receiving love from our 3 cats, Fanta, Monsieur O, and our newly born Lili boom. Having this little princess with us is making us really happy
– finding nice fall-winter clothes
– planning xmas in austria
– seeing the Luberon and the Alpilles from my weekly hike in the mountains of Mérindol
– enjoying and discovering new tea
– painting and writing
– taking more polaroid pictures
– enjoying the nature we live in
– watching our friends become parents and wondering how it feels like.

What are you into?

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  1. Knitting. Lots of. Reading. Lots of. Running, 3 times a week. Feeling grrrrrreat!

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