Allowing it all

A few snapshots of the last weeks. We are now settled in our new house in Mérindol, near Aix en Provence, south of France. Spring is already leaving the stage to a nice summer, and we can barely realize that we are here, we made it happen, considering where we where at that time last summer, and the summer before. Whew! We can *really* make anything we want happen, that’s what we hear in our heart each morning walking around our 3000 sm ground with about 100 olive trees, our hamac, our 2 cats and our swimming pool.

We went through a lot, but nothing felt heavy – that is a major learning for me, to move through lots of changes, and keep calm and carry on!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are a few.



Le bonheur dans nos oliviers

Lecture de C et Fanta-boon

Our entrance

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