Paris week 7


Spring finally made it to Paris! Right now, my daily stroll brings me to the jardin du Luxembourg, 10 minutes from our flat, but nowhere to go on warm sunny day like yesterday if you are a little agoraphobic — people almost fight for a chair at the sun.

Everywhere i go, people seem to be up to relax and play: so many benches to sit and read, grass gardens and fountains, public ping pong tables, and so on.




With the sun comes the warm temperature, quite inviting for little adventures. I was amazed to discover a tiny, hidden oasis, one minute from our flat.



View from our flat

Also, the evenings seems to last forever, and after 20h, a glass of bordeaux at a local caffé is more then welcome 🙂

Spring eve

Spring eve

We are now into planning our summer holidays, looking for a place where we will be surrounded by nature, enjoy calm and relax days, and swim everyday. But where to go?


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  1. i’m really loving your photos of Paris. Good luck with your quest to find somewhere to go on your summer hols.

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