Da Cowl - Easy wear for men and women
Green chunky scarf
Skyblue Cowl - Neckwarmer for men & women
Mini Golden Cowl for men & women
Goldgen Cowl - Large neckwarmer for men & women

Many of you will be surprised by this new addition to my line of products. Even i could not predict i would some day be into creating handmade fashion accessories, but this new project feels so good to put out in the world, because i always loved and was into music, style and fashion since age 7.

I remember loving to shop for clothes with my mom in the 80’s, and my favorite game was to dress up and create my own outfits from my aunts and mom’s old clothes. I remember creating my own magazines from fashion pictures which i assembled into collections. I also had my own lines of clothes, all hand drawn and placed in folders.

Later on, all this faded out and i went on studying fine arts and graphic design – but fashion always stayed an art i loved dearly. It seems the only way i could express this passion was with my paintings, since i did not like to sew.

Launching this new line of products today, I am so glad to be able to further explore and develop this passion which was there since the start but was never given its full importance – maybe the timing was just never right.

Now, at some hours from leaving for Paris, i think the timing is, just right.

Author: m-c

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