Ada Lovelace day

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was celebrated yesterday, i know, but i sometimes like to be fashionably late.

Putting in place the last elements before this saturday edition of Creacamp, i thought about the committee of women organizers that are supporting me in this quest –

Each of them, i met over the web. They use the web in a way that allow us to connect, through different tools, virtually. They enrich my life, and experiences in many ways, and i am so grateful of all the women i met through their interest and curiosity for personal publishing tools.

By being curious and open minded, they each in turn teach other women friends and family members about how to use these communication tools – and i believe by doing so, greatly improve communication between women who are often more attracted to connect physically then virtually.

I am proud of being part of this tribe. A tribe connected through 0 and 1 aligned, but first of all, connected through their hearts.

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  1. it’s still ada lovelace day here in oz/. i really like your warholesque ada. if it’s okay i will link through to ya x

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