Media has failed me

Did you ever asked yourself if following the news is making you a happier, better person?

Did you?

Ask yourself now. Does watching the news on tv, listening to radio, reading the newspaper has a positive impact on your life?

I propose you try to turn all media off, and commit to spend just a small amount of your time to get to know what is going on worldwide, this by choosing carefully your source of information. Meanwhile, with all that free time not used to put junk in your brain, i suggest you imagine the best possible news report, by holding a positive new vision of what humanity must change into.

Pick one or more of these to work on daily, or create your own positive vision. Stop giving your precious time to the media, unless they help create happiness and fulfillment in your life!

The news i wish to see on my TV :

Everyone is in touch with their creativity, strength, courage, and wisdom.
People believe in abundance and are able to create it in their lives.
Boundaries between peoples, nations, and races dissolve.
All people honor the earth and live in harmony with it and all life upon it.
Humanity has enlightened leadership by all people in leadership positions.
People everywhere make right decisions, inspired by their higher selves, and carried out skillfully.
People are mentally clear, emotionally calm, and spiritually aware.
There is an unprecedented level of cooperation, teamwork, and sharing.
Humanity experiences an outpouring of love, new ideas, and soul connections.
There is hope, optimism, and positive visions of the future.
People know that the universe is friendly and always working for them.
People are supportive of those in need, and are generous with their assistance and sharing.
Criticism is replaced with understanding, love, and cooperation.
People know their oneness with each other and with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.
Isolation turns into community, aloneness into friendships, and separateness into inclusiveness.
Humanity becomes aware of their higher purpose.
Each person expands their consciousness, awakens their true vision, and evolves all the forms in their lives so they may carry out the true activity of their souls.
People’s personalities become vehicles to carry out their soul’s love, light, and will.
The plan of humanity works out in all its beauty and perfection.

Author: m-c

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  1. I have long not watch all those news and media.

    Watch what you need to know, Watch what you want to know.

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  2. Boy ! that’s what I call “Dreaming in full colours” with HD and smell added at no extra charge !

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  3. Since maybe 3 or 4 years, I decided to stop watching TV. I only watch some series on the web, or TV at my parent’s house, for example. Now, I have so much more time, incredible. The point is that now, watching the news at TV is really, REALLY hard. We often don’t know how it’s getting normal to see tragedies, real dramas, and ignore it. We often are more touched by a movie than news, which are the real world. It’s scare me a little.

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  4. I’m not a news watcher/reader. If I want to know about a certain event, I look it up on the net and only that one. I find that there is enough “ugliness” in the world that I don’t need to be reminded of it more on a daily basis. While talking with some friends, we came to the conclusion that there should be an international “only good news” day or something similar where the media would only focus on good things being done around the world. I wonder how society would react to that and if the majority would even notice. It would definitely be an interesting experiment.


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  5. C’est sûr qu’on se sent mieux en se déconnectant de ce qui se passe dans le monde, les nouvelles ne cessant pas d’empirer. J’avais des copines qui faisaient la même chose il y a plus de 20 ans. Mais c’est poche. Je préfère choisir des sources d’information alternatives connectées sur ce qui se passe sur le plancher des vaches, même si ça se déglingue sur le terrain. Pcque je vis sur la planète terre que ça me plaise ou pas, et pas dans un nuage.

    Pensez-vous que la pensée positive peut faire quoi que ce soit pour changer le monde? On est combien sur cette planète à se concentrer sur nos nombrils et ceux de nos proches, sans dire un mot sur la destruction de la planète, les massacres, les injustices qui pleuvent, les paradis fiscaux, les mutilations génitales et un tas d’autres horreurs? Des fois, je me dis que l’espèce humaine ne demande pas mieux que de se faire manipuler aller-retour, juste pour pouvoir vivre tranquille dans son carré de fleurs en plastique. Ce qui est créatif, c’est de relever des défis en regardant la réalité en face sans se laisser démolir pour autant.

    Nos bébés naissent avec qqchose comme 300 produits toxiques dans le corps. Nous sommes en train de détruire la planète et que ça saute. Pensez-vous que vos pensées positives vont changer quoi que ce soit à ce sujet? Quand il ne restera plus grand chose à sauvegarder à force de laisser les multinationales détruire ce qui permet aux humain-es de vivre, que direz-vous à votre enfant? Que maman préférait flotter dans son petit nuage pour sauvegarder son moral?

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