Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media, i’m in!

Update: Wow. The news came last week, i’m among the 31 people listed as semi finalist as one of Canada’s Most Influential Social Medial Individuals!

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Dear readers! I have been nominated as one of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media, isn’t that fantastic? What an honor, just to be nominated!

You can view the profiles of the 31 women nominated, and then register your vote here!

You must have noticed that this last year have brought a lot of changes in here, meaning, i have tried to leave out everything that could associate me with the words ‘Marketing consultant’ , ‘Geek’, or ‘Podcaster’. This was a wish from me to get out of all etiquette i have been given over the last years – etiquettes which i felt always kept me in a blur, not letting people understand what i am really interested in and who i really am.

My passions are already known by most of you – my deepest wish by using technologies has always been to help people communicate and share together, to help them grow personally and creatively wise. I’ve always believed that helping people communicate with each other online is more important than trying to sell them something.

I did and still believe in authenticity, spontaneity and the personal sharing of our thoughts and stories online to make our world and ourselves better people, and this is where technology can be helpful from my point of view and interests. Never have i been interested in marketing any products online, unless i deeply believed in the product fitting into my values of bringing humanity to its best.

All that to say, i am deeply happy to be nominated as one of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media, even after taking a step back and keeping myself a little on the side track of the fast lane, this to keep closer to the person i really am, online and offline.


More infos on my projects:

Meïdia Studio: Opened in 2003, Meïdia specialize in creating innovative concepts using new web technologies for clients like the: Le Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, Radio Canada, Musique Plus, Culture Québec, Tellabs, Article Studio, P45, Maison d’édition de La courte échelle, Astral Média Interactif, Passeport Santé.

Creacamp: Creacamp is an event where womens meet to present their work and DIY projects, this with the goal to promote the talent, ideas and experiences of each, and to lay ground for sharing about our process. The event is made of short presentations made by womens only, but its open to anyone to assist.

6×6 Collaborative collages: using the power of an international online community since 2006, 6×6 brings people together to exchange material and create 6×6 inch collages using each other’s material. The results are for everyone rich in colors, textures, process and experiences!

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