Budapest, Hungary

Dear readers, i must say that i now feel the excitement as i finally confirmed today a trip to Budapest.

This trip will be the farthest east i’ve ever been to date. It will be combined with holidays in Salzburg to visit Chris’s family, to renew with the original Apfel Strudel, gluewein, and again to see Salzburg’s beautiful surroundings. I am already into fantasizing of the time i’ll spend writing from traditionnal coffee places older than my own country.

We’ll be just in time for Salzburg Christmas market, one of the most beautiful in the world, and will have enough time to visit my favorite places in Vienna.

Café, MuseumQuartier vienna

As it is for Budapest, i took a first glimpse of the city on the web so to plan my itinary, thank you to other traveler’s beautiful pictures showing me the way:

(also worth mentionning this beautiful fog over budapest).

Did i make you dream a little? Sometimes i wonder if people get envious of the wonderfulness i create in my life. Maybe guilt is in my bloodline, but i manage to get cleaner over the years, trying to create a life of my own, not ruled by limiting beliefs of people and predecessors. I wish everyone would take their time and courage to do the same, to get rid of all the beliefs keeping them away from living a full colored life…

For now, all i can do is, as George Micheal once sang dressed in white from head to toe: Choose Life.

Btw, thanks to everyone on twitter and facebook with advices on choosing between Budapest and Vienna – any other insights will be welcome prior to departure!

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  1. You make me dream, you did it. Enjoy your trip. In my case Spain will come in Montreal 😎

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