Safari moments

Who i really am
me, pacific ocean, costa rica.

There would be so much to write from this last trip, how could i translate all this beauty i’ve seen.

One thing is for sure, traveling is what makes me feel most alive. I’ve seen so much beauty, met many people, visited lost corners of the world and all of me wants more.

It is now clearer, my life should be filled with safari moments. I loved the monkeys, macaws, toucan and other species who shared their space with us for 2 weeks.

And i cant complain that it’s already over – i’ve been there for every minute, me in the now at all time, enjoying all parts of our adventure: the lost luggages, the constant moving from a to b, the pouring of rain over us every day, the sickness, the unknown and so on.

I am filled with a need to see more. Filled with the need to be more of who i really am.

Wondering, who’s agenda is that on my table? Who’s house is that? As if, i know too well that i have changed, and my outside world will soon follow.

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