Jungle goodbye


Leaving with the wind and the sun,
ready to visit new parts of my beloved earth,
greeting the monkeys, the birds, croco & other inhabitants of the jungle,
leaving to find a place of adventure, love and excitement for my heart.

Leaving so that i can be in the place where i most feel alive,
where everything is new to my eyes,
a new breeze on my skin, new sounds to my ears.

Leaving for many new mornings with nothing familiar around,
the new, the unknown,
sparkling jewels to be found everywhere in and outside,
feeling at my most alive and safe, in completely unknown territories,
nothing else than me, my love, and our sense of adventure.

Author: m-c

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  1. What a great poem!
    Merci de le partager.
    S’abandonner dans la nature est formidable!

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