Small world we live in…

Story by Moon-Hee for Vu d’ici

It’s now been a bit over a month since I’ve changed jobs and I’m already missing all the new music that was being sent to me and other colleagues. The last album I received (just a few weeks ago) was of Brooklyn artist Reid Paley. Anyways… an awesome surprise, he has collaborated with Frank Black, so what more can I say? I am a music lover and cannot get enough of it:)

Another surprise was when I was reviewing a tiny clip I filmed last year at Southpaw in Brooklyn. I remembered I was filming a wall of posters, because they have a poster of The Dagons who I had worked for the past three years, then I noticed that Reid’s poster was stuck right beside… small world, I knew there was something familiar about that guy…

where’s the bar? from viewfromthemoon on Vimeo.

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  1. It’s not a small world. It’s just that our networks keep getting bigger, faster.

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