Last week, Andrea asked, Where in your life can you invest in yourself and in your dreams?

Answers started to get out of my head easily, since living my dreams is almost an obsession: i run my own small human business, so to be independent from time and place, i put as much time as i can into my creative projects (Creacamp, my blog, my art, …), into my body & mind researchs, and i try to fit in every opportunity to travel.

I thrive on freedom in many ways, and try to grab as much as i can: being happy is my contribution to make this world a better place.

Ok, but my mind still ask ‘m-c, where in your life can you invest MORE in yourself and in your dreams?

What, wait, isn’t what i am already doing? Isn’t that enough? hm, do you mean, i could get… more?

It seems like i’ve set an invisible limit, somewhere hitted a wall, as if getting more would make me guilty of too much joy.

How could i dare being different and having more than the average?

How could i dare having more free time, money, traveling, fun, play, success, beauty, magic? How could i dare having so much icing on my cake while everyone around is so desesparately running for a little tiny bit of free time for themselves?

I can. Only I can give myself the final approval, the OK stamp to get more of what i already have, of what i already love. The idea that others will suffer, point and judge me for being shinny-happy and prosperous is an old and dirty controlling belief, which I must get rid of – this takes time, and has to be worked on consciously, on a regular basis.

Here i go, i almost forgot that i could get more! Staying with an average, acceptable happiness, i trapped myself again in a system of limited beliefs, afraid to be different and to disturb people around me.

Happiness should always be worked on, one step at a time, always moving forward, with clear thoughts, and actions.

Where in your life can you invest in yourself and in your dreams?

Author: m-c

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  1. Very inspiring MC…
    I TOTALLY relate to your quest and questions!

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