The Austrian fashion label Fabrics Interseason combines ecologically produced fabrics and high style in their collections. They describe their clientele as the eco-bourgeoisie: being conscious about the environment and nature as well as wearing locally manufactured clothes with a conservative and classic chic.


Link to Fabrics Interseason spring summer 2008 collection

(via de-bug)

Author: chris car

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  1. Oh, that’s interesting, especially because this kind of lifestyle is nowadays filed away under “Loha” and “Losuming” – or rather, this is what global players like Burda try to establish here in Germany. Probably because “Ökomode” and “Biobourgeousie” sound so 1980s?

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  2. I love this! I think it comes at the right time – eco living is becoming more fashionable. It shouldn’t. People should always be conscious – but I’ll enjoy things like this while they last.

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