My Starbucks Idea – business 2.0

“Name tags on employees. I like to be able to start a conversation with a name. I see the same folks all the time and enjoy speaking with them, but i don’t always remember their names.”

“Not all employees are as friendly as they should. I think you should reemphasize customer service since that is one of the reasons I go to Starbucks.”

“Hire more mature people who have a more developed idea of what customer service is.”

“have a separate line “express” for drip coffee only.”

“Starbucks needs to make ALL stores have free Wi-Fi. In Seattle I go to Tully’s, because of the free Wi-Fi, not superior service.”

“More of the comfortable-type chairs (cushion) – fewer tables and hard chairs. Offer the bar-type seating in more stores.”


All the above quotes are taken from Starbucks’s new venture,, a true web2.0 jewell, both for Starbucks, and their customers.

Raw, yet friendly and simple : hand your customers a mic so that they can let you know what they want. Show them that you listen with both ears, and they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to make your business better.

Author: m-c

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  1. I’ve kinda find a reason to go down to montreal just because i want to drink a starbuck coffee, then i came there ask for little advise for a coffee because yes i usually know what i want when i go to a coffee shop, but as people send you a vibe that they care of what you are going to drink. So, that time i had no clue, all i want is a coffee, time for experience. I’ve just drive like 150 km to go there in my weekend and The Dorky-Clerk said to me like “Uh?! I don’t fucking know, I don’t drink coffee!” So what’s are you thinking will be cool to drink? “Uh!? I don’t know! I hate coffee!” WoW!… So my good experience with Starbuck end there. and i probably keep going to drink Morgane’s coffee wich is a good franchise from our province who is going to invade montreal share-market soon. thank you starbuck!

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  2. Sorry, I got a little passionate by the quote, so i empress myself to add a comment without reading all your post 🙂

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  3. I have to say that the first idea quote is very geo-specific (if that’s a term?). I know for sure that it wouldn’t work here in Germany.

    But as for the Starbucks idea project itself – props to their creative brains people ;).

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