Being as you are, in the business world

In my spring reading list i talked about the book The boss of you.

I have just found out that the authors have a blog to support the book, with resources for women trying to find their own way in creating a business, in the traditional business world which is often gray and dull.

I could easily relate to the post called Networking for Nonconformists, or how to stand out when you just dont fit in:

“When we started our business, one of the things that filled me with dread was the thought that to be a successful entrepreneur, I would need to master the art of glad-handing, delivering elevator speeches, and handing out business cards with aplomb (…)

… although we do encourage you to stretch a little beyond your comfort zone, we don’t insist you join a bunch of clubs where you won’t fit in. I really believe you can succeed in business without compromising the things that make you unique. After all, how are you ever going to stand out enough to be noticed if you follow the crowd?”

Another interesting read is the sample chapter of the book which you can get here. They also have a facebook page.

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  1. Hi, M-C. Thank you so much for featuring us — I hope you enjoy the book! You have a beautiful and inspiring blog, and I love that it’s a blend of French and English. 🙂

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