Sometimes I am a Doozer


When I was a child I was watching every episode of “Fraggle Rock” (in Austria it was called “The Fraggles”). I was fascinated by the underground world where the Fraggles lived (together with the so called Doozers) as well as by the other worlds where the Gorgs lived or the human world (called as “Outer Space” by the Fraggles). I liked this multi-dimensional space, I was asking myself if the human world knows about the Gorgs and vice versa.

But the Doozers caught most of my attention. They were these tiny humanoid creatures which were busy all the time. Their life was dedicated to work and industry and they were creating these constructions all over the place where the Fraggles lived. And Doozers always had a steady stream of work to do since the Fraggles were eating their constructions which were made of a candy-like substance. And I loved the tiny constructions made by the Doozers: the bridges, the roads and the (pointless) scaffolding.


One morning – I was working on a sculpture – I had this flash: by looking at my sculpture I was thinking of the Fraggles and the Doozers and I recognized a certain similarity.

Snapshots of my work

Since then I have to admit that “Fraggle Rock” was an inspiration for me: I was watching the series more than 20 years ago and since 2 years I create these “doozeresque” sculptures, so I have to admit publicly now: Sometimes I am a Doozer!

Link to Fraggle Rock wiki
Link to my sculptures

Author: chris car

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  1. same here I prefered the doozers they were too cute, workin’ hard and all…

    I also had a Fraggle Rock lunchbox… and I can’t believe I am writing this… haha!

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