The Xfiles of Stephenville

Update: as a commenter pointed, it seems like they are still there – New UFO Sighting Reported In Stephenville Texas

For those interested, here are some news about the Stephenville-Texas UFO story we brought some weeks ago.

The local newspaper reporter who helped cover the UFO sighting case left for unclear reasons (although it looks like she was forced to keep information shut), and this witnesses of the UFO is being harassed by unfriendly army officers commanding him to shut his mouth off. People are now protesting the firing of Angelia Joiner for her coverage of Stephenville UFO sighting.

Meahwhile, details released by the Ministry of Defense of the UK reported last week that UFO sightings are on the rise. The Telegraph also has a coverage of these details.

The video above is just one of many. The question is, for me and many others, not about IF star beings are visiting us, but about WHY is the US government working so hard to hide facts and informations about UFOs. This in itself could be more scary than the UFOs themselves. If these beings are more evolved than us, with highly developed technologies, maybe we could trow out the horror-science-fiction-movie visions which are there, this along with our closed mind and strict ideas brought up by religion. Maybe they could be of help to us who have failed in taking care of ourselves and our planet – maybe they could show us the way to go, and help us develop new technologies and help us fix the damage done.

While i know that views and beliefs on the topic of ‘star beings’ are different for everyone, i would be curious to know who of you do believe that these beings exist. I’ve added a poll to the sidebar, looking forward to your answers!

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  1. May I start? 😉 Since it seems that the cosmos is quite big, it is very likely that star beings other than us exist. And yeah, why shouldn’t at least a handful of species visit Earth, if they are capable of travelling the space. I would also check out other planets if it would be possible.

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