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I know i should not be blogging, i’ve got the hardest task to do, which is to dig in and work on my own project. A project laying on the shelves since more than 5 years, a cherished one. The kind of project you so want to see real, the one you want to hold in your hands – and at the same time you just cant start, because of the possibility of failure.

Only this afternoon i was sharing with someone about how i long to find and read vibrant blogs, the ones you can relate to, where entries are meant to share someone’s creative process, written from an open heart. Often these blogs put me back on track, make me feel understood by others who are on a similar path. I do cherish these blogs, and the creatives behind the keyboard!

Here is one of them, Swirlygirl, as to remember me that i should share more of these addresses in the next weeks.

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