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We just updated the Meïdia Studio website with some news (nouvelles en français ici) announcing our latest realizations, CITIZENShift and its sister site in french, Parole Citoyenne, which were both launched in beta last December.

CITIZENShift Parole Citoyenne

Both sites are interactive platforms where people can explore social issues through films, photography, articles, blogs and podcasts – spaces for everyone to engage with other activists and creative people, and to share media content. Meïdia was responsible for creating the concept along with CITIZENShift and Parole Citoyenne’s team, graphic design, development and integration of the backend, testing and quality assurance of both platforms.

Over the last months we’ve also worked with Passeport Santé, bringing to life their podcasting project, we’ve supported Alternatives’s youth internship programs with our workshops about web publishing tools, and a new website coming soon for Codes d’accès. We also contributed to a chapter of the book Pourquoi Bloguer dans un contexte d’affaires, and m-c self-published her first book, First Thoughts on life, blogging, and the creative process. Whew!

We are now back from a trip in Berlin, a trip in which we explored what was happening technology wise in Europe, so that we can better perform in the projects we create here. About what 2008 will bring our way, we can’t predict exactly (we still do not have this talent!), but as Meïdia will be 3 years old soon, we feel like our business is entering a more adult stage, one for which we feel better equipped to start on new ventures. You’ll get to hear about this on our respective blogs.

On this, looking forward to meet you on our new adventures!

Author: m-c

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