Merry Responsible xmas

Hard to give everyone nice wishes this year, i feel its easier for people to close their eyes – ignorance does not hurt as much as seeing reality and the facts as they are.

Please take time to think during the upcoming holidays – there is a lot to do.

Christmas should be a celebration of love and peace, yet it has become a mad consumption party at the cost of nature. We cut millions of trees to celebrate, then trow them off. We grow and kill chickens, cows, pigs, ducks, turkeys without any respect to feed ourselves ’till sickness. We buy and spend for goods which are toxic for nature and made by exploited labor. We are spending lots of money in a dumb way, this at the profit of brands. Unacceptable. Please think.

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Merry responsible xmas, 2
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  1. M-C, you are my hero. Chaque année, je souhaite un Noël plus simple et très honnêtement j’y arrive un peu plus, mais pas encore assez à mon goût!

    À très bientôt!

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