2008, and after

We are about to see the end of another year, and for us who still think, care and reflect, this is a time of questioning, and repositioning.

There are roughly only 2 things that matters to me and for which i really care – the nature which surrounds us and which we are fully part of, the same from which we exploited each kingdoms (animal, vegetal, mineral) over the last 100 years without giving any special kind of respect back, and in second the realization of humans as creative and spiritual beings.

As Luce posted, we now know that we destroyed nature to the point of no-return – it is now up to us to see if we will now also fail in our realization as human beings, in our relations with each others, in the way we live and do business, cooperate, and grow.

“To keep ourselves afloat, we need to change the economic and political structures that determine how we behave. In this case, we need to elevate the ethic of cooperation over the deeply ingrained reflex of competition. We need to elevate our biological similarities over our geographical differences. We need, in the face of this oncoming onslaught, to reorganize our social structures to reflect our most humane collective aspirations.

There is no body of expertise—no authoritative answers—for this one. We are crossing a threshold into uncharted territory. And since there is no precedent to guide us, we are left with only our own hearts to consult, whatever courage we can muster, our instinctive dedication to a human future—and the intellectual integrity to look reality in the eye.”

It is, up to you.

Extract from Ross Gelbspan, found on Luce’s blog.

Author: m-c

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  1. “To keep ourselves afloat, we need to change the economic and political structures that determine how we behave.”

    Suivie plus loin de:
    “There is no body of expertise—no authoritative answers—for this one.”

    J’avoue mon malaise en lisant ces deux phrases dans le même texte. Premièrement, c’est avec “autorité” qu’elle affirme que nous devons changer notre façon de faire. Deuxièmement, pour changer des structures de pouvoir, politique ou non, qui ont, elles, autorités sur nos vies et nos morts nous avons besoin d’autorités. Ce n’est pas en s’imaginant un autre monde qu’on arrive à le changer, il faut agir et alors on s’autorise à l’autorité.

    Je crois que nous devons cesser de vouloir “grandir/grossir”. Nous devons régresser. La croissance qu’elle soit économique, sociale, culturelle… alouette… n’est pas nécessairement “bien”. Prenons l’exemple du cancer, cette forme de croissance hyper-efficace qui n’est rien d’autre qu’un refut de mourir… Depuis 300 ans notre civilisation se saoule avec ses prétentions au progrès, à la croissance jusqu’à l’étouffement que nous ressentons maintenant. Ce n’est définitivement pas par un nouvel excès de confiance aveugle, de croissance de l’esprit ou de je ne sais quoi encore que nous arriverons à régler quoi que ce soit.

    La cause de nos maux, c’est notre obsession à vouloir corriger tous nos maux.

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