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Guten tag!Our days in Berlin are nice, we finally managed to get up before 10h am, so i can catch a little sunlight before dawn (daylight is switched off between 16h and 17h, meaning getting up at 12h or 13h can be quite alienating).I love to hang around, watch places, people and trends. My favorite hobby here is to find the nicest coffee places – since i am not so much into bars and clubbing, most of my activities are done by day, evenings are spent having a nice dinner and some quiet time.There is so much i would like to write about, and i know i promised many things – like posting more photos – so as promised, here are some. Among the many things i’d like to write about stands berlin’s fashion scene. I cant help but observe and compare how people dress around here, and i can tell you, berlin is not the place where you’ll find the most extravagant and stylish dressed people. By day at least.Beiges, brown and dark colors are most worn out by girls under 40, making ME look like an extravagant while wearing my red hat! Girls seems to want to melt with the colors of the city, mostly all dressed in a gray palette, wearing really standard clothes – among them the following and right-now-famous ankle boots:

Famous in berlin

I so miss New York and Paris for their shopping scene! Me and Chris are convinced that clothes with a minimum of originality and quality will have to be ordered on the web – fashion stores on the streets are delivering clothes for the masses, meaning UBER BORING.

All for now my dear friends, hopefully next post i can write about the very cool From funken zum Pixel exhibition which we saw earlier this week.

Bis bald, for now.


Chris checking emails

Hello from early sunny berlin!


Before and after


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  1. hello… Pleeeeeaaaase write back if you have any information on Rolf Edens ‘NEW EDEN’ on the Kudamm (no longer there)I danced there on my travelles some 20 years ago, and I still dream about it but cant seem to find any information on it on the intenet… I am putting together a neo- burlesque show in Australia and am trying to track down some of the many photos that were taken of me and splattered around Berlin all those years ago …. you wont regret it!!!!! lots of love and HOPE ….. Tanya Lee Perry xxxxxx

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