Shit happens

Chris went to the atelier yesterday, and found it completely devastated – filled with tar powder all around.

The roof of the building was redone this week, and most of the top floor studios have been damaged like ours.

With Creacamp coming this saturday i have no idea how to solve this – if anyone can recommend a place, i’ll know ’till thursday if we can use the atelier or not. For now, i prefer forget about it.

Author: m-c

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  1. That sucks! How/why/WHY?? Argh! I hope some form of compensation will be coming your way, even if it will not reduce the cleanup work ahead – yuck…

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  2. actually everything got cleaned up by the owner, we still have to clean a bit but cant manage to stay there since the smell is still too strong… will take some more days before we can use the space

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