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Some more discoveries, this time from Etsy. A little research on ElasticCo, from whom i bought the beautiful flower hat. This was an interesting discovery following my Adieu Madonna entry – i must say, i’d rather wear elasticCo’s stuffed accessories and become a living sculpture than having my body modified by surgery :

Cartoon Culture Cartoon Culture

“… Elodie makes accessories which change the body and challenge our idea of beauty. These accessories create a way of transforming oneself through more than clothes, of finding a different way of expressing beauty. Layers of cotton are strapped to the body to form extra padding on the hips and stomach, areas which women often try to hide. Large cotton pads are attached directly to a bra, whilst smaller pads can be tied around the stomach and back and even under arms. This is a tongue-in cheek comment on the fashion for breast implants and surgical enhancement. Gloves, which have long black nails, may at first seem impractical, but one can easily take them off. …”

More on ElasticCo’s website.

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