Corsica round up


Our third day in corsica was devoted to nature walking, which sounded good to me since i had enough of sitting in the car, mountain viewing, and feeling both car and mountain sick.

Here you’ve got a picture of Chris, who was much faster than I at climbing, and clearly enjoying this nature walk MUCH more than i did. I wish this did not happenened to me, but as far as i understood, it is at that moment that i realized after being in this world for 32 years that my body cant stand being higher than 1000 feet. What i thought was car sickness turned out to be my body telling me that this was way too high for me. So i gave up, waited with my dizziness in the middle of nowhere for Chris to climb a little higher so he could get back with a feeling of satisfaction. Scary.


later time for a beer, the local Petra.


Ending the day with somethign which better fits me, a candle light dinner in Bastia’s port.

Candle light dinner, Bastia port

I will continue posting pictures about our trip in the following days, you can see the full picture album here. Chris is also posting some pictures over here.

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