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We’ve been wadering around Nice, Cannes, Antibe and Monaco, from the sea to our hilltop appartement in Haut de cagnes for the first 5 days. Haut de Cagnes was a beautiful spot, a french village filled with hidden places to discover.

Haut de Cagnes

We then wrapped up, ready for 6 hours on the ferry to Bastia, in the north of Corsica. I’ve spent most of my time sitting outside of the ferry, with the wind, watching people, and the sea.


Waiting, watching

me watching

Who are they, what are they thinking about, where are they going – i could watch people for hours, trying to figure out which secrets they are keeping, their minds wandering in the sea.



We reached Corsica at around 20h in the evening. Sadly, i did not fulfill one of my dearest dreams to see dolphins or whales freely diving in the blue sea.

Corsica from the Ferry, before our adventure began

I will continue posting pictures about our trip in the following days, you can see the full picture album here. Chris is also posting some pictures over here.

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