Wahoo! Audiogram’s 55 artists / 107 albums are now on Bluetracks.ca

I haven’t written on M-C’s blog for a while… I now have a gorgeous 5 months old daughter and therefore I have been a bit busy posting photos on Facebook and changing diapers. Maybe I’ll find a way to post a photo to you soon but for now – I have another amazing thing to say to you and that is that we finally have Audiogram’s catalogue on Bluetracks.ca! It was not an easy thing to do. Since early 2004, we have been patiently waiting for them to come around and accept to take the plunge and join our Independent and DRM-free MP3 online music store… very radical! So it’s done! They are now with us! I’m very happy about it. Here is their artist list :

Adam Chaki, Alain Lefèvre, Ariane Moffatt, Basta, Bïa, Bran Van 3000, Carl Bastien & TheStone County Players, Stone County Players, Damien Robitaille, Daniel Bélanger, Fredric Gary, Comeau, Freeworm, Genevive Paris, Ily Morgane, Isabelle Boulay, Jean Leloup, Jeszcze Raz, JF. Lemieux, Jim Corcoran, Judith Bérard, Karkwa, Kevin Parent, La Chango Family, Dan Bigras, Laurence Jalbert, Léandre, Lhasa De Sela, Loco Locass, Louise Forestier, Madame, Magneto, Magnolia, Mara Tremblay, Marc Déry, Marie Michèle Desrosiers, Marie-Jo Thério, Michel Cusson, Monica Freire, Océane, Paul Ahmarani / Les Nouveaux Mariés, Paul Kunigus, Pierre Lapointe, Pink Martini, Ringo Rinfret, Rudy Caya, Senaya, Sylvie Tremblay, The National Parcs, Tom Poisson, Tristan Malavoy, Urbain Desbois, Vilain Pingouin, Yves Desrosiers, Yves Marchand, Zébulon

To celebrate – here is a code for a free song to each of you: 73001CaM154Zx3

And I’m also sending each of you a big celebratory kiss – Montreal way.

Monica from Bluetracks.ca

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