Bleu et froid, holidays second post


Our second day in Nice, some more beach, some more of this great blue light.

After people watching, we visited some hilltop villages in the mountains around. As you’ll see in the picture, i love to let the wind blow through my hairs while driving the car, this gives me a funny yet unconventional haircut.

Village top me

The appartement we rented was located at Haut de Cagnes, a beautiful hilltop village. This picture was taken in the flat, after the handwriting catched my attention. I loved the way no compromise was done, with no translation, the opposite of what we do in Québec, trying to have everything translated for everyone to understand.

It’s Froid, that’s all!

No compromise

I will continue posting pictures about our trip in the following days, you can see the full picture album here. Chris is also posting some pictures over here.

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