Wreck this journal


It is a new experience for me to get one of my favorite author’s book just when it’s hitting the stands, while at the same time i can read on the author’s blog all the excitement she felt from having her work out.

I did not know what to expect from Wreck this journal, until i received my copy. Hell fun! — tear, rub, break, lick, stick, drag out, wash — carry it around with you, here is your new friend!

I see this book as a statement that in order to create freely, we as creative beings must be able to experiment, explore, polish and scratch over, disrupt, destroy and rebuild constantly – let go of preconceived ideas, just play in a innocent and almost savage way, as we did as kids, color on our fingers, over our faces. There is no right and wrong, just do it.

Let go. Let go! You should be playing!

Author: m-c

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