meïdia is now 2 years old!

meïdia is now 2 years old!

After many (MANY!) experiences, leaving the 9 to 5 world, jumping into the unknown, learning to listen to my intuitions in all business aspect, meeting different collaborators and clients, trying to integrate artsy ideas in commercial projects, looking to find my own way (and finding a partner on the way), start to earn a living doing what i want – 24 months have gone, and all this is still growing. I feel like i planted seeds, and after much work and taking care of the seeds, something is coming out. I can now look at it, and give it direction.

This whole business thing is completely organic, and we are now gardeners, using our creativity to create the garden we are dreaming of!

In review, our clients over these last 2 years : (Radio-Canada), Musique Plus, Astral Média Radio Interactif, P45, Ubisoft Montreal, Cirque du Soleil, Tellabs, Luce Beaulieu.

Our laboratory, experimental, freestyle projects – the ones we do for fun, by passion :
blogging more than 15 events for Cirque du Soleil, Mutek, Elektra, Fimav, Berlin transmediale, Pop Montreal,
blogger shop for Longtail Superstars,
about 80 podcasts and videocasts,,
our Second Life universe,
the list goes on.

We are always on the look for collaborators – developer, programmer, project manager, designer.

Reahmicks, meïdia's playground on SecondLife
meïdia in Second Life;

Delirium Underworld: just about to go on stage
Under the stage at Cirque du Soleil;

some html is ok!
Our blogger t-shop;

with modeselektor at Mutek
m-c with Modeselektor at Mutek;

Vu d'ici - Seen from here Videocast #3!
One of our videocast;

Magic Mirror
Traveling in Berlin for the Transmediale.

Who’s meïdia and press, meïdia’s website.

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