Björk Volta

Björk Volta artwork

only attaches itself to fertile ground,
where it can flourish


fear is a powerful drug,
overcome it and,
you think that you can do,


fear of losing energy,
is draining

it locks up your chest,
shuts down the heart,
miserly ,
and stingy,
let’s open up : share!”

Lyrics from Innocence.

I’ve been listening to Björk’s Volta since weeks, walking around Manhattan and bike riding along Montreal’s bike paths with the african beats of Earth Intruders and Hyperballad’s version 2007 Wanderlust.

Sounding a little chaotic at first, i thought of this album as a retrospective of Björk’s work – but in fact no. I realized that the main difference in this album was that for the fist time in Björk’s work, i could clearly hear and feel the influences of other pop-eletro singer-songwriters women of the last years, the like M.I.A, Peaches and PJ Harvey.

Fascinating to see how this icon who inspired many is now herself remixing these inspirations on a new ground, opening herself with powerful lyrics no one should ignore, where she is clearly pointing fear as being a drug, and at our own responsibility for the lifes we get.

No need to say the artwork for this record is truly amazing.

“I have lost my origin
and I don’t want to find it again
rather sailing into nature’s laws
and be held by ocean’s paws

relentlessly craving wanderlust
peel off the layers
until you get to the core


lust for comfort
suffocates the soul
this relentless
liberates me
sets me free

I feel at home whenever
the unknown surrounds me
I receive its embrace
aboard my floating house”

From Wanderlust.

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