One day, i guess we all come to the realization that we are not perfect.

I guess the people who dont come to this realization are the ones we cannot stand spending time with.

I do realize that however hard i try, i cant please everyone, do everything on my todo, give everyone what they need – professionally and personally wise.

I think we are all too often trying to hide the fact that we aren’t perfect, and this is transforming us into monstrous creatures. So i today make the choice to be imperfect, meaning not always being there for you, not being always up to your expectations. I’d better like getting caught in my imperfections than transform into a monster.

This said, i leave all my todos, emails to answer and phone ringing. I’ll stop thinking about what he or she might think of me, about how she or he would like me to behave.

Leave this all and go play in the sun.

Author: m-c

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