Raging against Bell Canada

I thought i was done with Bell Sympatico, when i ended my contract with them last month, after spending way too much of my time and energy on their service phone line, being answered and transfered to unqualified people located somewhere in a call center.

It started about a year and a half ago when i wanted to cancel my phone line but keep my internet connection. They screwed it up, letting me without internet for about 10 days, not offering me any kind of compensation for this, and even asking me to pay those days.

That was it, i waited for the end of my contract and left. The only qualified person at Bell was the one who tried to convince me to stay. I left.

Second episode, i was not through with Bell. We decided to get our business internet connection with them, they were a little cheaper than Videotron. How wrong this decision was. We should have expected problems again when they started offering us the high speed at 35$ a month, until it went much higher, adding costs to cover hidden fees (if someone can one day proove the need for customers to pay for these fees that would be great, i’m pretty sure they charged us for air).

They scheduled an appointment for the 20th. Nobody showed up. We spent over 1 + half an hour of our time on the phone, being transfered 11 TIMES from one non-qualified person to the other to be told that someone came on the 21th!

Wait, there is even worse! After 1.5 hrs of waiting, we are told that we have to dial 611 to reschedule an appointment – wait, 611 has to be dialed from a Bell phoneline, you cant reach them in any other way, so from my fido, you guess it, it doesnt work and we now have to go in a phone cabin outside to spend some more hours on the Bell service line.

Again, i did not complain often on my blog, but this is way too much. As a customer i am extremely dissatisfied and i think Bell should seriously reconsider how to do business, or do something with the army of people who complain on the web about their services.

Worse is that i could not even be mad at the person on the phone, this person is just a part of a system, doing its job.

His supperior is probably doing the same.

The whole Bell business is probably just doing the same – their jobs. So i, as a customer, can only blame Bell, the corporation. I cant go and shout out how angry i am that such bad service exist. Today, there is only Google to listen to me.

‘Hell Bell.

Author: m-c

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