Conference on Youth & Community Economic Development

We will be speaking along with Micheal from ISF this saturday 9h15 at the Technology and Social Change panel for the Conference on Youth & Community Economic Development which will take place feb. 23 to 25 at J.A. de Séve Cinema, Concordia University.

There is a registration fee but also the possibility to attend each event for 5$.

More infos here.

As leaders of tomorrow, an increasing number of youth are initiating movements in various sectors of the CED process, creating programs to address issues within their respective communities. An increase in youth initiatives and grassroots projects across the nation demonstrates an interest among Canadian youth to be involved in CED decision-making processes. Providing the necessary tools and guidance to build youth capacity and leadership skills is integral for maintaining youth involvement in the field of CED.

The central objectives of the Single Actions – A World of Difference conference is to provide a centralized forum for this purpose. In February of 2007 young Canadians will be given an opportunity to connect with one another, engage in active critical discussion on youth-led CED projects, and build upon their leadership skills in the field of CED.

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