What i learned in 2006

Many things, and i still have a few more to learn.

Of all the things i learned over the past 12 months, the most important ones are:

1 – client projects are never as satisfying as your own projects, it’s REALLY important to keep a balance between those 2, otherwise i turn crazy
2 – what kind of projects most excite me? projects where i can use my creativity: art projects and creating an online platform on my own
3 – there are many different kind of human beings, and you can’t get along with all of them. Learning to be surrounded by the good ones is something i’d better learn early.

Of the things i still have to learn…

1 – to relax, whatever happens, there is always a solution – there is nothing worth loosing sleep on
2 – learn the balance between lazyness and doing too much
3 – accept things as they are, control is in most case just an illusion.

This snds soooo grown up hm? 😛

Time for holidays now – wishing you all the best, and i’ll hopefully have more time on my own in 2007 to do things i most enjoy doing, one of them being writing here, creating stuff for you, worldwide audience. Tchow!

Author: m-c

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