LeWeb 3, round up

In all, 2 great days well filled up. Here are some of the points to resume, following questions i am leaving Paris with:

The new generation of web entrepreneurs:
this growing community is spreading around the world, creating tools and new uses for the web. People who would have been considered like amateurs and passionnate people can now create projects easily, at low costs;

Startups & entrepreneur – meaning?
the words ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘startup’ are getting hyped and loosing meaning. I much prefer to talk about creative people and projects;

Local or global:
going global or local is not an easy and clear answer still, we’ve heard people talking about it as being an asset in some case, but not in all cases. I think at the end of the day, to trust your feelings is still the best way to go;

The Web2.0, about to go mainstream?
again, i am not sure. I still think we’ll be serving as many niches as there will be web2.0 products on the web;

VC’s going fishing:
do we need VCs for SOTW? Are VC’s over hyped again, fishing in a pool full of inexperienced young entrepreneurs? Is VC the solution or can we grow SOTW on our own in a relatively short timeframe and in a healthy way?

Web2.0 in Quebec:
is Quebec the place for us to grow our projects? (he! could not resist posting it)

is advertising and pay-per-month the only possible way to earn from web2.0 platforms?

How, and when will traditionnal marketing/advertising/web agencies jump into the web2.0?
they wont, unless the people at the head of these businesses are involved INTO the web2.0, meaning understanding it, using it, being a part of it. If not, even how hard they’ll try, even in hiring the best ‘web 2.0 people’, they wont make it. They’ll continue doing ‘Marketing and web 1.0’ until the heads of these businessees are replaced by people involved into this new web.

Author: m-c

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