Conference Lesblogs 3 : notes

3h AM Montreal time, 9h am in Paris, the conference is starting with Loic Lemeur’s opening: leweb3 event, all word-of-mouth, no invitation or marketing strategy behind the organisation: 47 countries present, 1000 people.

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First talk with founder of Casa and Skype, notes:
– serve local market, even how small it is, but keep looking abroad
– web2.0 hype, what about web 3.0? web2.0 may not be a bubble, people are more carefull compare to the situation years ago, but hm, there are ups and downs, stay carefull.
– media transformation: the death of press? the need for diversity + the need for real press
– mix the best of tv and the internet: the venice project (to come).

* * * * *

Google, notes:
– phase 1 of the internet, information (yahoo, google)
– phase 2, distribution and communication (amazon, ebay, skype)
– phase 3, networking

Google 9 notion of inovation (google this to find!)
1 – innovation, not perfection (!!!!)
5 – ideas come from everywhere

3 drivers of change:
fast internet access
information access
demand for self expression (!!!)

Internet is the new creative playground

* * * * *

(name to come)
‘Considering sideways are free in all cities independently of the cost of the sq meter, every tax payer should do its contribution to the internet sideway.’

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(note to myself: omg, i wish they would serve coffee in the conference room, i’m so jetlagged……)

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Investors panel: is there a web 2.0 hype?
A good question which has been raised on the panel is one i asked myself weeks ago: should every good idea or project be turned into a Startup? Pushing one idea and build a company is maybe the trap, i do believe, and feel better in, working on different projects under one business name.
Why bulding so many metoo sites? is there really a need for so many copies? Why not innovate and do it better than the others?

Does the technology industrie really needs VCs as it gets cheaper to create a company? (!!!)

* * * * * 6h43 AM Montreal, midi 43 Paris – LUNCH!!! * * * * *

* * * * * 14H back from lunch, which was not much better than last year… * * * * *

Dave Silfry’s State of the blogosphere (the what?!? :p)
– consumers are now creators and producers
– about spam blogs ‘all healthy ecosystems have parasites’ (C Doctoro)
– but are people really keeping their blog updated? is one update in 3 months considered a lively blog?
– japanese (33%) and english (39%) are leading languages (french is 2%) according to technorati
– from consommateur to consom-acteur and participatory economy

* * * * *

Linked in founder’s presentation:
– will every professional become a blogger? no, but they’ll mostly all have a profile online –> this i wrote about in 2004, with everyone, professionnal or not, having its own ‘Profile’ or ‘ID’ on the web – might it be a blog or not, we’ll all end up and network there, using the tool extensively or to a minimum.

* * * * *

we feel like every speech here is ‘ADD SUPPORTED’, everyone who’s got the chance to hold the mic is preaching his business or the company they invested in.

Also, i just realised that most of the entrepreneurs i’ve seen in Web 2.0 conferences are ‘amateurs’ who use the web as a tool and create their own jobs. What would these people be doing without the internet being there? How would they use this crazy innovative and creative potential?

Everyone, with or without a diploma, can use the tools to create a business which fits its own vision and needs.

The ‘Can do’ attitude, a generation of new entrepreneurs. INNOVATION CLEARLY COMES FROM SMALL BUSINESSES, not from corporations. Q: Why is entrepreneurship not teached in schools as it is with maths or football?

* * * * *

Fon founder speach:
really interersting his comparision about why they choosed to build fon in madrid and not move to silicon valley as suggested by Google, one of their investor. Some facts remembered me of what i often feel in quebec: people’s lack of ambition and confidence in their power of creating something, people thinking that earning money is bad (you either stole it or earned it in a dishonest way).

16h45, EU vs US:
– Europe more oriented on local markets, US more global
– a ‘new wave’ of EU entrepreneur finally stopping to compare themselves with Sillicon Valley
– to the question ‘Can europe challenge the US market entrepreneurship?’ answer is
there’s a little chance:4
too late:12
– new businesses: being international or keeping your national flavour? what is most successful?

17h20, THOUGHTS:
it is soooo interesting for us to be here right now, with people talking about issues we relate to in our everyday life as a business. Highly inspiring, but again, i feel quebec might be too small for us…

– ‘Everything kinda happened by accident’ (!!!)
– building in EU means dealing with DIVERSITY. How? connect with people in these locality to get the local ‘flavor’ into the product. Give users control and let them participate

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