Trends are traps, dont get caught

Another list, this time about the top trends which we should all wonder if these are really close to our values or just dictated by media. I know its not everyone who fits into these categories, no need to remember me – take it as a caricature. I’ve just seen too many of these traps lately, i could’nt help but write about these issues:

– entrepreneur: being an entrepreneur looks good, snds good. Entrepreneurs are always on the run, dealing with money issues, blackberry sticked to the hand from the moment they get up (5h am) ’til they go to bed (3h am). No blackberry escape, not even in the bathroom. Being an entrepreneur is highly fashionable these days;

– being a woman entrepreneur: even highly fashionable, iron-made womans are everywhere i go, same lifestyle as listed above, but on high heels;

– being a woman entrepreneur dealing with motherhood: again, same as listed above, high heels, blackberry at a hand, and a baby in the other. What makes this extremly fashionable is that its almost surreal – the only thing that can make you feel good at this point is that you are doing something most humans could’nt do;

– founding a family: this is sooo hip, as media are telling us everywhere. What they are not telling you is all the money involve behind the scene, the marketing strategies behind, pushing you to buy this pair of jeans for your 3 months daugther along with the special vibrating, heating, rotating chairs and toys YOU MUST HAVE for the wellbeing of your kid.

The list goes on, i’m sure you got it by now – there should be warning signs all around, but until this happens remember that you can always make a choice.

Author: m-c

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