Montreal Vu d’ici Videocast #2! – 30mb file

Videocast #2
Click to play!

fun fun fun – 80mb of data in english, french and german in which you’ll see the following:

- Videocast #2 Intro by Chris, auf english und deutsch;
- St-laurent street by nite;
- Chris’s music video choice of the week: Ben Mono, Protection;
- try of a special video effect by Chris;
- meeting of Hexes and Oh’s in the elevator;
- Evening at La Chatte bottée, disco boots and moonwalking;
- m-c’s video choice: Wolf Parade, Modern World;
- Le Dépanneur, Mile End;
- More about the Mile End;
- Roadtrip and so on.

Get it here -, high quality available here.
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Author: m-c

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