Wardrobe remix, fashion by the people for the people

Yesterday Chris, after spending fun time vacuum cleaning, discovered the wardrobe remix pool on flickr. I, like him, found some really interesting and nice looking pictures, but i think there’s more to it.

The essence behind it is maybe what will be changing the world of women fashion magazines where the clothes, and models, are often too far from reality.

What if wardrobe remix people would add infos about the clothes’s prices and the shop where they bought them? These girls are posting pictures of themselves wearing clothes that fit to their style and size, clothes in which they feel comfortable. They are humans publishing about fashion products, watched by millions of consumers around the world.

As a girl i know, and many of you i’m sure, that women’s fashion magazines are far from reality, selling images of skinny unhealthy bodies wearing highly priced clothes. Something about fantasy, nothing about reality.

wardrobe remix pool
pictures tagged Wardrobe remix.

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Author: m-c

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