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Delirium Underworld: adam's ritual

Whew – we’ve just posted the final vids online, so all our material is now there.

The *Underworld* experience – being under the stage during the live performance of Delirium on saturday nite – was absolutely fantastic. Both the staff, artists and the sights were amazing. There was so much to see and we’ve try to capture the best out of everything, so you can feel how it was for us to be there.

We’ve been rolling on chairs under the 1.5 meters underworld for about an hour, seeing the artists going and leaving the stage. We’ve seen them backstage before and after, we’ve been able to chat with them and feel the passion that lives into each one of them. This energy, the one coming out from artists doing what they love, can be felt miles away. Many of our vids include moments where i was only observing the artists, where no words were needed – their bodies just expressed everything i needed to know.

Beside all that, one of the most memorable moment was to see Adam backstage before the show, and in the underworld before he got on stage (see pictures and also in the underworld video).

Delirium Underworld: under the stage

In all, here is where you’ll find all our picts and vids:

video backstage during the afternoon;
video of the *Underworld*, live under the stage during the show;
video of the artists interviews;
2 videos of the performance front stage: video 1, video 2;

my picture album is here, Chris’s picture album is here;
Chris’s posts about the experience (in german).

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