Elektra7: Laser performances and The Light Surgeons

The Light Surgeons @ Elektra7 IMG_0076.JPG
The Light Surgeons @ Elektra7

Friday nite performance: LSP, Laser Sound Performance by Edwin van der Heide /NL. Lasers and abstract sounds immersed the audience into a extreme and intense 3D audiovisual environment. It was quite impressive.

Saturday’s performance: The Z-Axis – The Light Surgeons /UK
The Light Surgeons combine analog and digital media, both audio and video. They define themselves as audio-visual architects, no wonder that they have chosen excerpts of the 1950s cult movie The Fountain Head which are mixed and mashed-up into an energetic and well-designed performance.

In all, i would have loved to see more actual stuff in this seventh edition of Elektra. Too much of the performances where outdated and where like a fall back in 1996. I want to see into the future, what’s next, where are digital technologies taking us – not where we’ve been, this i already know. Was this due to a lack of budget or a lack of judgment by the curators of the event? Anyhow – performances which we covered on our blogs are the ones that we loved most and that by their quality deserved to be mentionned. Looking forward to next year’s edition, which hopefully, wont be a revival of 1997.

Our Laser performance vids on Youtube, our Light Surgeons performance vids on Youtube;
flickr picts from me and chris;
Chris’s blog posts about Elektra, in Deutsch.

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