Podcast #64: Mission District and Harvee Exclusive tracks, Mobius, Bobby baby and Beirut!

2 Vu d’ici exclusive tracks, new stuff by Bobby Baby and Beirut:

Listen here!

get the mp3 here
get the mp4 here (chapters supported)

00:00:00: Vu d’ici – Seen from here! Podcast #64
00:00:10: Hyper Modern The Mission District
00:02:49: 100 names this is a story of you and me Harvee
00:10:41: Hey oh!
00:12:43: Starts Off With A Bang Mobius Band
00:16:18: Lucky Moments Bobby Baby
00:19:57: What’s next: New York, Elektra.ca, Fimav.qc.ca and Mutek.ca
00:23:12: interior of a dutch house Beirut.

Author: m-c

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