Been there done all that

Chris is here since 2 weeks now. My attention disorder starts to slowly fade away and i get better at concentrating on my work while having him around.

How fun is that to compare all the little something that are making Québec different from Germany and Austria. The Popcorn ready button on my microwave, the typical american refrigerator and oven , the door lock , the weird toilet flushing , the niiiiice weather , and of course, the food – he made it to eat his second poutine tonite , mostly falling asleep on the dinner table after eating the last frie. His blog.

How weird of a karma i do have: we both lived in hamburg at the same time but did not met ’till last december at the Les Blogs conference in Paris. Now i am living the culture shock backwards, seeing him watching french TV shows and not getting it, being surrounded by people speaking another langage and not getting it, spending loads of energy everyday just to be here and record all the new. Been there, done all that – it does sometimes feel like looking at myself in a mirror.

Author: m-c

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