Heeeey it’s podcast #60! Featuring Le Zero, Cuebism, Beirut, Arctic Monkeys, Ninja High School and The Go! Team!

I know it’s been a while. Recorded without any preparation, easy going but i think it does the job. Thanks for reminding me about doing a new podcast, i almost forgot how fun it is.

Spread luv like Cheez Wizz on a toast, peace –

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00:00:00: Vu d’ici – Seen from here Podcast #60!
00:00:25: Le Zero, New Situation
00:05:35: Made it, Cuebism
00:09:27: Reahmicks, uhuh, subliminal content!
00:12:24: Beirut, Mount Wroclai
00:15:32: Arctic Monkeys, Mardy bum
00:18:22: blah blah m-c’s where are you?, uh
00:21:16: Ninja High School, It’s All Right To Fight.

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Author: m-c

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