Going intimate

Update: to keep a certain level of order in my mailbox i will ask you to comment on this entry if you are interested in reading my new blog. I’ll get in touch with you then.


I was thinking about it since a while and now it’s done. I started another blog, or something closer to an online diary, on Live Journal. The content on this new blog is more about personal stuff – non music, technology or bizness related. It’s a free space with personal content only, as it used to be when i started Vu d’ici blog in march 2002. Personal rambling, a space to write thoughts that are on my mind.

Why writing there and not here? because a lot of people are reading Vu d’ici and i dont want to expose myself to all people traveling by here. If you want access to this new personal blog email me. mcturgeon@gmail.com.

btw, Vu d’ici is turning 4 years in march!

Author: m-c

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