Hello tomorrow – traditionnal media moving forward

Heiko just moved from Hamburg where he worked for Six Apart, to Munich where he now works for Hubert Burda Media. His job? Evaluate new opportunities brought by new web technologies, develop and shape ideas, explore technologies suited to push Hubert Burda Media further into the online world, reach new audiences and see how the offline and online media can benefit mutually. Following this move, a Burda lab is on the way to be developped.

Hubert Burda Media publishes more than 200 magazines. There are radio stations, online properties and technology companies.

(…) “I don’t own magazines, radio stations, TV, Web sites. I own brands,” Burda said. “And I have to guide these brands into one marketplace. My definition of marketplace is from the Cluetrain Manifesto: markets are conversations. The more I can bring people to this marketplace the more I can build up communities, and then I have a health community, a finance community and so forth.”

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Hello tomorrow.

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